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TIA Portal: Disable optimized block access

When connecting to a datablock in a S7-1200 or S7-1500 CPU, optimized block access must be disabled. By turning off optimized block access, the data elements in the datablock got their own unique address.

In TIA portal, right click on the datablock you want to access from S7 Excel Connect and select “Properties”.

Siemens TIA Portal Showing Datablock Properties Menu

Go to the “Attributes” tab and untick “Optimized block access”. Click “Ok”.

Siemens TIA Portal Optimized Block Access Disabled

Now open the datablock and add data elements. The “offset” column shows the data element’s unique address and must be used in S7 Excel Connect to get a datablock value.

Siemens TIA Portal Datablock Offset Column

Download the changes to the CPU.